Facilitation of Transport and Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Review of International Legal Instruments

Main Text  

This review could be described as a corpus or inventory of agreements or legal instruments aimed at facilitating trade and transport within Sub-Saharan Africa and between countries of the region. The Sub-Saharan states' position with regard to the various multilateral or bilateral agreements is presented and discussed.

This review reveals that efforts to facilitate trade and the flow of traffic with and within Sub-Saharan African States are real. It also reveals that access to and ratification of basic worldwide agreements on trade and facilitation is neither systematic nor even. It also shows some discrepancies between agreements. This work will hopefully contribute to a better harmonization and consistency between them.

Annexes: Treaties, Conventions, Protocols, Decisions and Directives  

This section contains the text of the legal instruments relating to the facilitation and freedom of movement of persons and vehicles enforceable in the Africa Region. These legal agreements fall under three main categories, worldwide, regional and sub-regional.

The list of legal instruments is by no means exhaustive and we encourage readers to submit missing or new instruments to the SSATP.




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