Module 3: Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

3. Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

There are many promising approaches for mainstreaming gender in the transport sector. This module outlines examples ranging from design and implementation of projects to advocacy and policy changes. Each section provides links to specific case examples.

Part 1: Gender-Informed Transport Project Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Part 2: Gender-Responsive IMTs .

Part 3: Other Labor-Saving Technologies.

Part 4: Promoting Women's Participation in the Transport Sector.

Part 5: Expanding Women's Access to Public Transport, Feeder Roads, Paths.

Part 6: Awareness-Raising and Advocacy for Gender and Transport.

Part 7: Engendering Transport Organizational Structures.

Part 8: Mainstreaming Gender in Transport Policy.

Part 9: Multisectoral Approaches (Transport and HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health, Business Development Services, Credit, and Information Technology (ICT).

Part 10: Selected Resources.

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