Module 3: Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

3.6. Awareness Raising and Advocacy

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Awareness raising among relevant stakeholders and engaging in advocacy are essential factors in ensuring that gender issues are identified and addressed. These efforts can take place at the community, institutional and national levels. Strategies include:

  • Community awareness raising to make men and women aware of women's and girls' transport burdens and economic worth.
  • Community mobilization to reduce transport loads of women and girls and promote their empowerment.
  • Advocacy for adopting a gender sensitive transport policy.
  • Introduction to transport solutions and technology that benefits women.

Case Example: White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood has used low cost media, and social mobilization principles to mobilize millions of people to advocate for policy changes to reduce maternal mortality in over 50 developing countries.

Tools for Awareness Raising and Advocacy

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