Module 3: Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

3.4. Promoting Women's Participation in the Transport Sector

One of the most effective ways of promoting women's participation in the transport sector is through the creation of employment opportunities. This can be achieved through programs which target women, as well as men, for jobs as small contractors and transport service providers, or in labor-based works for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

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Women's Entrepreneurship in the Transport Sector

  • Facilitating access to credit for women.
  • Promoting women's participation as transport providers.
  • Creating a "level playing field" for women contractors (road construction and maintenance) through procurement set asides for small business.
  • Providing technical assistance to women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Promotion Case Examples

Women's Employment in Road Works and Transport

  • Labor-based road construction and maintenance
  • Paid labor in transport services (buses, trains, boats etc)
  • Positions in transport planning and management

Public Works Case Examples

The Second Road Sector Support Project in Uganda* explicitly stated a commitment to actively promote women's participation. Strategies to achieve this included:
  • Building capacity at the national and district level to address gender within the transport sector.
  • Incorporation of the transport needs of both women and men in district and sub-country development plans.
  • Participation of women in planning the transport interventions.
  • Providing information to women about employment opportunities in road works.
  • Equal recruitment opportunities for women and men in labor-based road works.
  • Raising men's awareness of the value of their wives' participation in road works.
*Based on Synthesis Document for Integrating Gender in World Bank Financed Transport: Case Sutdies. Turner. 2003.
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