Module 3: Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

3.3. Other Labor Saving Technology

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The introduction of other labor saving technologies to facilitate domestic tasks can also significantly reduce time poverty. These include:

  • Wells or bore holes near houses
  • Water pumps in villages
  • Grinding mills
  • Solar Power

Non-transport Case Example: Grain and Nut Processing in Mali

A project in Mali created a series of women-managed platforms for milling and husking of maize, millet, and sorghum and crushing of shea nuts for butter. Processing time decreased from 8 hours to a little over 4 hours for the shea nuts and from 48 hours to less than one hour for the grains. Women used this time to increase grain production from 275 kilos per woman to 600 Kilos annually. The quality of the shea butter improved and the marketed production increased from 136 kilos to 405 kilos per year. The project documented that women’s annual individual income increased from 23,800 to 70,875 CFA. Girls’ school attendance and performance also improved significantly.

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