Module 3: Promising Approaches for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

3.2. Gender Responsive Intermediate Means of Transport (IMT)

Given the time burdens for domestic tasks which fall on women and girls and the difficulties in affording access to transport outlined in Modules One and Two, one approach to combatting these problems is to promote ownership and use of gender responsive IMTs. These include:

  • Bicycles
    • Increasing availability locally
    • Modifying bikes to carry water, goods and children
    • Bicycle ambulances
  • Hand-carts
  • Draft animals
  • Horse/donkey cart
  • Motorcycle trailer

Gender Considerations for IMTs

  • Work closely with women's organizations to avoid socio-cultural barriers to women's access and use of IMTs.
  • Design IMTs to fit women's size and strength.
  • Train women how to maintain and repair IMTs.
  • Facilitate women's access to credit to purchase IMT's.
  • Encourage cooperative business ventures using IMTs.
  • Involve community leaders (men and women) and get their support for women's use of IMTs.
  • Design projects to benefit entire family to ensure women's participation does not generate domestic conflict.

IMT Case Examples





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