Module 2: Challenges for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport
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2. Challenges for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

This module provides an overview of the key challenges for mainstreaming gender in the transport sector. It briefly presents the determinants of gender differences in time allocation and time poverty and discusses the influence of gender roles on transport needs. The module outlines the many dimensions of gender constraints on travel and access and discusses the needs of particularly vulnerable populations -- children, youth, and the elderly. Finally, the module reviews key gender dimensions of displacement and resettlement resulting from transport construction and rehabilitation projects.

*** This module is also available as a powerpoint presentation which can be used for training.

Part 1: Time Poverty

Part 2: Women's and Girls' Multiple Roles

Part 3: Key Gender Constraints on Travel and Access to Transport

Part 4: Vulnerabilities of the Youth and Elderly

Part 5: Resettlement Issues

Part 6: Selected Resources


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