Module 1: Why Gender and Transport?
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1.4. Mainstreaming Gender in Transport

Transport policies and programs can better address the full range of transport tasks undertaken and the gendered nature of transport responsibilities through:
  • Gender-sensitive policy development processes.
  • Staff gender and transport awareness raising and training.
  • Recruitment, training and promotion of women in all aspects of transport.
  • Participation of female and male transport users of all ages in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Gender-related transport needs and contraints addressed in project design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Gender-sensitive organizational policies, strategies and operational guidelines.

Gender Mainstreaming: Potential Impacts

Gender mainstreaming in the transport sector creates opportunities and benefits that contribute to four dimensions of poverty reduction.

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Integrating Gender in Transport Helps Reduce Poverty
Economic Opportunities
Access to Services
Empowerment through Engendered Transport
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